The Prevalence of Satanism dvd 

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Prevalence of Satanism shows how many satanic organizations there are in the world and lists approximately 600 by name. By the way, there are over 10,000.

Giving sight to a man born blind

St Basil the Great and other fathers draw attention to the uniqueness of this miracle of our Lord’s. They say that it was not just a case of a man whose eyes were not working. They say that St. Celidonius was actually born without eyes. In other words Jesus placed the clay upon empty sockets, the place where the eyes ought to have been, and lo, eyes appeared – eyes which saw perfectly! Our Lord showed Himself to be the Creator who had made man out of the dust of the earth. Along with these eyes also came spiritual sight as St. Celidonius gave courageous testimony to his healing in response to the hostile questions about the miracle by those who felt threatened by the emerging Messiah.

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St. Celidonius pray for us!

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