I have 4 reference letters from priests, including a Bishop's Letter, that I will gladly make available upon request.


“to know how satan operates will help us to defeat him and save souls.”

Mike O’, grandfather of 9 boys and 4 girls


Thank you Jesus for getting you out of darkness and now allowing you to give us signs to watch for  within our own family.  We have watched all of your DVD's and all of them have given us great insight. We have shared with many people including our Prayer Group.

We are so grateful for your Ministry and will continue to pray for you! May the Holy Spirit continue to give you strength and courage.

May God Bless you,



    I hope everything is going well with you and your family.  

    I received your e-mail regarding your website and how you would like some feedback on how you have helped people and anything that you could put on your website. I have tried to think of things to help, but you have helped me and my family so vastly that what I would write would become pages.  The only thing that comes to me is that God used you as a light in our darkness to enflame our hearts and enlighten our minds so that we could truly hear His Truth.  You were the beginning of our journey and you have helped to teach us the way and guide us on the path toward Jesus.  God used you to answer many of our prayers and you helped to comfort me in my attacks.  You have helped me to teach the truth about the evil that seeks to harm us to my children and I thank God that he put you and your family into our lives.  I say and your family because the talk we had over the phone.  You told me such beautiful stories about your family that those stories and the way you spoke of your family touched my heart and they help me still.  My son was patiently waiting for your okay about the Minecraft game because he knows a little about who you are and what you have been through. 

    Here is a little bit of how you have helped us and I hope it helps.  Everything you do is worth it and special and I hope and pray that you may always see that even in the darkest of attacks that you endure.  Thank you so much and may the Precious Blood of Jesus pour upon you and your family and may the Mantle of the Blessed Virgin be wrapped tightly around all of you to keep you safe.


I hope that you and your family have a beautiful, joyous and blessed day!


Katrina/ Illinois


Just wanted to thank you for all that you do in your ministry.  The first time I met you, the Holy Spirit used you to answer one of my last prayers on questions of the Liturgy which I had been studying and praying over for quite some time.  I was so impressed with your story of conversion I was able to bring you to our parish to speak to various audiences, young and old.  I heard so many wonderful comments after your speaking engagements that I knew you really touched lives.  Because of your vast knowledge and experience, you were able to answer such a wide variety of questions I was truly amazed.  Some people had personal issues they talked with you privately on in which you were able to help them out.  I have watched you listen intently to people's concerns and help lead them down the right path of reckoning.


What I love the most about what you have to share with the world, is the ability to help people see the world through a spiritual lens and understand the REALITY of the invisible forces at work in our world and in our lives. It truly has opened people's eyes and helped them to see the world differently.


I will continue to pray for you and your entire family and the protection of your ministry.


In joy,

Laura J

Thank you for helping

All Saints Ministry!

“Your life, experiences and story have brought to a better path for my life. Meeting you both here in Wisconsin was the start of getting deeper into my Catholic faith. In going to hear your story, I wanted to discover how better to protect myself and my family. It has lead me to want more of a relationship with God, accepting His graces and wanting whatever His will is for my life. Thank you!”

-Kara Vassar

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Brother Zachary,

Praised be our God, Jesus Christ!  

Well, first off I finally gave away all the Cds you gave me.  Thank you brother.  Not only did you gift me, but I was able to gift others.   As Marian Fr Seraphim says "God delights in intermediaries".  I got a lot of comments.   Basically, they they thought it was as atomic bomb.  I also clearly sensed that behind all the wow factor, after the dust settled. was a clear blueprint of the plan of evil, the DNA of evil, so to speak.  With the devil himself standing there naked and red-handed, like the schoolboy caught by the principle in the act just before he lit the dumpster ablaze.  Like "Oops....you weren't supposed to see that...boy do I feel stupid now"

Your greatest service is that you unveiled him.   Undressed him really, so that young and old, cool and nerd, would both say "Gee, he isn't really very appealing, is he?"

At least that's what I got out of it.  Riveting personal testimony, my friend.  And that's what made it so appealing Zack....it was testimony. Blood and guts.  But mainly, your blood and guts.  Sure, many suffered in your world, but none as quite as much as you.  The devil desired you to suffer, aided others to help you be miserable, and let you for a while actually be "king of misery"  (no pun intended)  

There is a twilight zone episode where a man dies and he believes he is in heaven.  Mr Kipp is his guardian angel.  And he tells the dead man, now brought back to life, that he will give him anything he asks.  The man asks for money.  Mr Kipp makes sure he wins every poker hand, and he quickly becomes very rich.  The man then asks Mr Kipp that he become very attractive to girls.  Instantly, every woman wants this man!!  After some time, the man says to Mr Kipp "listen, I'm having a really good time, but it's no fun winning at the casino every time.  Maybe you can mix it up a little."  Mr Kipp replied "Sure, no problem, what per cent would you like to win, 90 per cent, 80 per cent?"

"No" replied the man..  "Just make it more unpredictable, you know, like 50-50 or whatever.  I mean it's okay if I lose sometimes. I have to tell you, Mr Kipp, when I first came to heaven, I was really happy, but now I'm getting tired of this.  In fact, fact, nothing in heaven makes me happy anymore. And Im considering asking you to send me to the "other place".    Mr Kipp replied "Who ever said that you were in heaven?"

You Zack, were "king of pain", but what comes across in your CD surprisingly wasn't how you dished it out, but how the whole time you were lied to.  Lie to about your identity.  Lied to about not having access to mercy.  Lied to about having no hope.   Lied to about the Jesus cross being for other, not yourself.   Lied to about the nature of true enjoyment.  Lied to you about the true nature of power, then how the most humble woman saved perhaps the world's most powerful man.  It just blew me away!   

After listening to a few of your testimonies, I just want to say "Zack, the greater the sinner, the greater his right to my mercy".    If, in my still juvenile way of thinking, I could envy you anything, it probably wouldn't have been the power, or the recognition or the fear of you...so much as the fact Jesus promised you more mercy than me.   I want that mercy, more than anything Zachary.  I wanna be loved by Jesus, and his entire body, on earth and in heaven.  You, my beloved friend, have torn the cover of that devil, which makes you a true "mystic for God"

Thank you for sharing your story, yourself, with me...and my friends.  We are grateful, brother.  And though you might not see us stand in applause, the truth is its not quite time for that, for the battle is still waging. Thank you Zack for taking the lead horse.   At least for now.  :)     I dearly love you brother.

Our house is your house.  

In Jesus, King of The Universe


Michael, Maryland USA


All Saints Ministry


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Zachary's testimony has had a tremendous impact in my life. At first, I didn't believe in many things that were mentioned in his story, I didn't even believe magick was real. Clearly I was a low information and bad Catholic!

As I was listening to several of his talks that I could find on youtube, I did a lot of research in parallel which made me realize how ignorant I was of my faith. As he states, if magick wasn't real and possible, God wouldn't have warned us against it many times in the Bible.

His story brought me closer to God and today I am seeking to be as much as an authentic Catholic I can be (although I still have a long way to go).

When I tell people the story of my conversion from being a fallen away Catholic, I love to introduce them to Zack's story as this was the biggest turning point of my own story.

I am eternally grateful to his ministry and try to support it somehow whenever I can.

-Eduardo - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil